Cultured Love Revolution – A Revolution For Life

Eating the food we were meant to eat, to live the life we were meant to live

Cultured Love was founded in 2014 by Jodie and Paul Krumpe and operates in and around Grand Rapids, MI.  The company grew out of their passion for and curiosity about the intersections between food, nutrition and well-being. Their interest in “food as medicine” expanded when several family members contracted Lyme Disease.  This led Jodie to research chronic illness and the value that good food can add to a person’s health. They realized there was a lack of healing foods available to them and their families and decided to create a solution.

Through Cultured Love we want to share that solution with others and spread the word that what we eat has a significant impact on our overall well-being.  We “make good food good by producing nutrient-rich, probiotic-laden foods that are not only beneficial for you, but also have amazing flavor and texture and add beauty to any meal. Our hope is that through our hand-crafted foods, healthy products, and informative education, we can help you culture a little more love in your life.


Some of the Science Behind Cultured Love

Through Jodie’s research she found that over generations our diets have been filled with processed foods, toxins, and de-natured nutrients. Our digestive systems have lost their proper functioning, becoming more permeable, allowing harmful elements to leak into our bodies, rather than expelling them. Those harmful elements are viewed by our bodies as allergens, to which the immune system’s responds causing inflammation. As this cycle continues, our digestive systems get less and less healthy, and our immune systems also diminish in their proper function.


Jodie realized that the path to health should include an effort to re-start this engine that is so crucial to the proper functioning of our bodies, back to the way God made them to function (or as near as we can get). For her, this process started with a diet that is intended to relieve and rebuild the digestive system, eating foods that are easily digested and that promote regeneration and healing of the compromised intestinal wall.  As the digestive system itself heals, we also then need to re-introduce microbiotic diversity to it.

Naturally fermented Kraut is full of healthy probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamins that can feed your body what it needs to increase and improve proper functioning. A properly functioning digestive system will increase the immune system’s ability to respond properly, which in turn can help reduce inflammation and other related diseases.

The bottom line was that, after exhausting the treatment options available through western medicine, Paul and Jodie were dissatisfied with the results, and the lack of flourishing they were experiencing. While they valued medical opinion, they know that western medical training tends to be more focused on the treatment and management of symptoms rather than root causes, so they sought other means to treat the root cause of their maladies, not just reducing the effects and symptoms. That led them, eventually, to focus on nutrition and modifying their diet in such a way that they consume those foods that are best for their bodies.  They have found great relief in many respects-physically, mentally, and emotionally.